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Graphic Design

Design is the first level of communication with your audience, grabbing their attention and holding it long enough to convey your message.

Graphic Design uses digital and print medias to help you stand out from the crowd. This allows you to convey your message, increase your business, sell a product, or make a statement easier and more effectively by grabbing the attention of your audience. Strong Graphic Design and Good Branding are the backbone to keeping you memorable.

Here at RockIT Fuel, our Lead Designer has over 25 years of professional experience. Our art can be seen on everything ranging from commercial billboards, vehicles, websites, television, T-shirts, even human bodies. There is no job too big or small for us to handle, and we love challenges.

How Do We Do It?

Graphic Design can be a very subjective field. Since Graphic Design is considered art, art is meant to be beautiful, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Due to this, what one person finds attractive, and pleasing does not mean the next will. To combat this and ensure that we cover the most ground possible, we incorporate tools such as Colour Theory, Contrasting Elements and Audience Demographics to get the most eyes on your content as possible. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision for their content is met. If we feel that their vision may conflict with their ultimate message, we will provide our input and explain the positives and negatives of the choices. We will still design a product exactly as requested, but also design one with our suggested changes so that our client may see our recommendations firsthand. Seeing is believing, but also, we may be completely wrong, and see for ourselves when we make our changes. The client is never charged for additional art that was not requested unless used in place of their design.

Design Services Offered

Below you will find a list of Graphic Design services we provide. If there is a service that you require that is not on this list, please inquire as it was probably simply omitted as an oversight.

  • A-Frame Signs
  • Architecture Drawings
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Book Covers
  • Bookmarks
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Calendars
  • Car Magnets
  • Car Window Decals
  • Character Art
  • Facebook Banners
  • Flags
  • Floor Decals
  • Floorplan Layouts
  • Greeting/Thank You Cards
  • Hats
  • Labels
  • Logos
  • Magnets
  • Masks
  • Menus
  • Mousepads
  • Name Plates
  • Patches
  • Photo Colourizing
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Touchups
  • Posters
  • Puzzles
  • Signs
  • Social Media Designs
  • Sprites
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Tablecloths
  • Tattoos
  • T-Shirts
  • Vectors
  • Vehicle Mockups
  • Videogame Graphics
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Wall Art
  • Website Ad’s
  • Websites
  • Window Decals
  • Wood Signs
  • Yard Signs

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