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Give Your Business an Identity.Make Your Business Memorable.Strengthen Your Marketing and Advertising.

Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Disney… just some of the most successful and recognizable brands in Canada, and the World. Each company listed above has spent decades perfectly refining their brand identity, so much so, that you can instantly recognize their brand the moment you see it. Brand loyalty is strong, and people can be passionate about their choices. I am sure most people who read this will have either an Android or Apple in their pocket… Will prefer Coke or Pepsi… and the thought of using the other product is an absolute last resort or completely off the table. You are loyal to your preferred brand. And that is what you want from others, for your businesses brand. So how do we get it there?

Create and maintain a Brand that promotes knowledge, preference, and appreciation for your business.

There are many facets of Branding… As a design company, we focus on the design aspects.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is made up of the visual elements of your brand. The Typography, colours, design elements, and logo comprise your brand’s identity. These elements help to distinguish and differentiate your brand in consumers’ minds. This is where most first impressions of your brand happen and is the most recognizable part. Thus, Brand Identity can arguably be considered the most important part of creating Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness

The level of recognition and familiarity the public and potential customers/clients are with your brand. Brand awareness helps consumers to have a preference towards your brand and products. Your brand being memorable and recognizable is the goal for marketing strategies, promoting brand loyalty which in-turn increases sales/profits.

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is how well consumers will recognize and identify your brand without seeing your business’ name. When you recognize a Coca-Cola commercial simply from the Polar Bears, or an Energizer commercial from the Bunny, these are examples of Brand Recognition. Your brands logo, advertising, jingle etc play a key role in Brand Recognition.

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