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Computer Sales

Whether you are looking for a new high-quality personal computer for PC Gaming, Online School or Work from Home – or a Full Business CAD Workstation, we can provide a reliable PC that’s more than up to the task.

We also offer a large selection of Refurbished Computers and Off-Lease systems.

An off-lease computer is a desktop or laptop computer that has been purchased on a lease for a business, and returned to the manufacturer at the end of the lease term.

These are generally higher end business line PCs and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new.

All of our used computers go through a rigorous refurbishing process, where hardware is tested extensively and replaced where necessary.

We at RockIT Fuel hold a high standard to any used hardware that we bring in and sell, so that we can create an enjoyable user experience for you for years to come.

We also carry computer accessories ranging from monitors to keyboards, mice, speakers and are able to order in most items very quickly.

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